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病気や体調不良の根源は ”ストレス”

ストレスを軽減するには、自分の中にある ”ネガテイブな信じ込み””思い込み” を変えていく必要があります。



Health & Wellness







デビット ホーキンスによる意識のマップ

意識レベル エネルギーの周波数 関連する感情
悟り 700−1000 表現不可能
平和 600 至福
喜び 540 静穏
500 崇敬
理性 400 理解
受容 350 許し
意欲 310 楽天的
中立 350 信頼
勇気 200 肯定
プライド 175 塩笑
怒り 150 憎しみ
欲望 125 切望
恐怖 100 心配
深い悲しみ 75 後悔
無感動 50 絶望感
罪悪感 30 非難
20 屈辱


The root of illness and poor physical condition is “stress”

To reduce stress, you must change your “negative beliefs” and “beliefs”   .

These negative beliefs and beliefs are formed during the third trimester of pregnancy (7 months) until the age of 7. If you have trauma, release the trauma and bring positive beliefs into your consciousness.


Health & Wellness

A good doctor is within you.

For people like this

Those who want to hear messages from physical symptoms

Those whose symptoms do not improve no matter what they try

Those with a lot of stress

Those who want to improve their symptoms by changing their mindset

Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins

Consciousness level Energy frequency Related emotions
Enlightenment 700−1000 Inexpressible
Peace 600 Bliss
Joy 540 Serenity
Love 500 Reverence
Reason 400 Understanding
Acceptance 350 Forgiveness
Willingness 310 Optimistic
Neutral 350 Trust
Courage 200 Positive
Pride 175 Salty laughter
Anger 150 Hate
Desire 125 Longing
Fear 100 Anxiety
Deep sorrow 75 Regret
Apathy 50 Despair
Sense of guilt 30 Condemnation
Shame 20 Humiliation
The frequencies below Pride are emotions that make you sick or trouble you.

Psych-K focuses solely on raising awareness. By raising awareness, the natural healing power that you have will increase and the symptoms will subside.

Note: Psych-K aims to reduce stress and enhance the natural healing power by changing the consciousness from a low state to a high state. We do not perform any medical procedures such as treatment or diagnosis .

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